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Visit FeelGoodSpace.com or EMAIL US to join our ONLINE CLASS every Tuesday & Thursday evening, 6 - 7 pm. SEE YOU SOON.

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Tuesdays & Thursdays 6 - 7 pm.
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How do I pay?
PAYMENT DETAILS FOR ONLINE TRAINING ARE at FeelGoodSpace.com - Live! Virtual classes.

IN-PERSON classes are suspended during COVID-19. When they resume, they are pre-paid every month in advance, via recurring invoices payable through Ranna's online payment account at Square payment processor.
Billed as 4 Thursdays every month @ $10 for each Thursday. (Yes, even if there are five Thursdays in the month.)

Is my information private?
Yes. Ranna believes even the first inquiry is a matter of trust. So your inquiry and information is totally confidential. We don't do auto-signup to newsletters, we don't pass on your info to third parties, or any of the other crazy abuses of privacy that go on these days. Our site is run on a private server and we don't believe in tracking you or any of that invasive nonsense either.

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DURING COVID-19 all classes are ONLINE. PRIVACY ASSURED: We don't track you, we don't use social interfaces and this site is anonymized so third parties can't track you either.